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Job Guarantee in Financial Modelling

Financial Modelling Course in Indore

Financial Modelling is a key skill with application in several areas within finance industry. It’s a practical Skill which helps to build or enhance career opportunities in the field of Equity research, investment banking, corporate finance, Project finance, credit rating etc.
What is Financial Modeling Course ?

How does a retail organisation decide when, where and how big a store to open? How does an entrepreneur decide whether his idea makes sense or how does a venture capitalist decide if he should fund that idea? How does an investment banker decide how much money will a company be able raise and at what cost or how does he help his client arrive at a valuation for a merger and acquisition transaction.

The Financial Modeling Certification course helps one to make or enhance career in the field of Equity research, investment banking, corporate finance, Project finance, credit rating etc. Financial Modeling is a key skill with application in several areas within banking and finance industry as well as in large corporations. Individuals with financial modeling skills can work in the areas of investment banking / equity research/trading, financial KPOs that are assisting investment bankers / equity research firms, financial advisory firms, project finance and in the area of performance tracking and MIS for companies themselves.

Financial Modeling is a core skill that is almost mandatory for anyone who wants to build a career in finance. It is also important for anyone who wants to start his or her own business and even useful for sales/marketing professionals as it comes in handy in bidding for projects, determining payback/utility of campaigns etc.
Whenever, we need to make a financial decision, we make a projection of what revenue and costs are likely to be and on the basis of such projections, evaluate if that is a wise decision. In a stock market analysis, we look at the past performance of a company as project what the revenue, costs and profit of the company are likely to be and therefore if we should buy, sell or hold that share.
Covers 40% of CFA Course

Career Options With
​Financial Modeling

Application of Financial Modeling
1. Your gate way to career in Equity Research, Investment banking, Credit Research, project finance & business Analysis.
2. Learn excel Modeling for analyzing Forecasting & valuing different companies.
3. Prepare financial research snapshots & Evaluating different sectors.
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1. Mergers & Acquisitions

Financial Modeling helps the companies in access the value of the company which they want to merge or acquire by forecasting the revenues, preparing debt schedule, by doing competitor analysis

2. Equity Research

Financial Modeling enables analyst in examining an organization's financial projections, competitor's projections and other dynamics to determine whether it is a smart or a risky investment

3. Investment Banking

Financial Modeling helps Investment Banker in Valuing the company by forecasting the revenues. On the basis of Valuation they recommend the buyer or seller on acquisition of new funds or investments in new funds respectively.

4. Credit Rating

Financial Modeling equips Credit Analysts in collecting historical information & , outstanding debts and forecasting future growth on excel sheet to determine the degree of risk factor , which helps him/her in giving rating

5. Project Finance

Financial Modeling helps in assessing the financial viability of a project and creating a funding plan through debt and equity components

Financial Modelling Course Curriculum
Duration: Minimum 500 Hrs

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Accounting Fundamentals

Introduction to Accounting, Basic Accounting Principles, Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement, Financial Ratio Analysis, Reading the Annual Report, International Accounting Standards

Economic Analysis

Introduction - Relevance of Economics, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics

Financial Management

Time value of money, Long term financing, Cost of capital, Risk and return, Capital Structure, Dividend Policy, Working Capital Requirements, Equity and Industry Analysis

Financial Market

Financial Markets & Intermediaries, Equity Market Structure, Equity Market Analysis, Derivatives, Fixed Income, Portfolio Management

Financial Modeling Skill Categories


  • Identify key items on the financial statements and describe the interrelationship between all the components
  • Explain the fundamental accounting principles that underly detailed accounting standards
  • Identify the key accounting standards commonly encountered by financial analysts and explain the impact on financial statements and financial models


  • Utilize the keyboard shortcuts to save time and be more efficient in Excel
  • Conduct data analysis using data tables, pivot tables, and other common functions
  • Use advanced formulas and functions to enhance the functionality of financial models


  • Explain key concepts around capital investments, the capital-raising process, different forms of financing, and the optimal capital structure.
  • Assess the profitability, efficiency, returns, and value of a business using common financial ratios and analytical tools.
  • Use key statistical measures to assess trends and relationships within sets of data

Financial Modeling

  • Build a dynamic, logically designed, well structured 3-statement financial model
  • Create multi-year forecasts for the income statement, cash flow, and balance sheet.
  • Perform scenario and sensitivity analyses to enhance the robustness of the financial model


  • Identify the different valuation methodologies and discuss the pros and cons of each.
  • Perform a valuation analysis using comparable company and precedent transactions analysis.
  • Calculate the weighted-average cost of capital and construct a DCF model in Excel

Budgeting & Forecasting

  • Apply various forecasting techniques to develop a robust financial forecast.
  • Track actual performance against budgeted amounts using variance analysis and other techniques.
  • Analyze the impact of a variance analysis on the financial statements and use the results to improve the budgeting process

Presentation & Visuals

  • Create insightful dashboards and advance data visualisation techniques to communicate the results of financial analysis.
  • Create aesthetically pleasing and insightful charts, graphs, and tables in Excel.
  • Design impactful presentations to communicate key messages to a wide variety of audiences.


  • Differentiate between the different levels of a company’s strategy.
  • Perform an analysis of external forces and internal competencies and assess the impact on a company’s competitive advantage.
  • Generate, evaluate and select optimal strategic alternatives and tie these to a company’s mission, vision, and goals.
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Financial modeling jobs


Anyone who is interested in making career in Core Finance and want to gain some practical exposure before getting in to the industry can go for Financial Modeling Programs. Minimum Eligibility: 12th Pass


It takes nearly about 500 hrs for successfully completions of Financial Modeling Training.

Job Opportunities

In India generally the average salary of a financial modeling trainee is in the range of Approx. 3-5 lc per annum, and they can easily find placements in Multinational Banks, KPO's, Research House, Investment Banks, etc.

Financial Modeling Career Opportunities

Junior Research Analyst/Associate


  • Sector research and Company profiling
  • Extracting quantitative data
  • Writing research report
  • Building model from scratch
  • Testing of Financial Models
  • Working on global sector/company research
JP Morgan Chase  | Cognizant Technologies | Morning Star | Integreon | Irevna | Aranca | CRISIL

Merger and Acquisition Associate


  • Client advisory : Corporate Finance,  Mergers & Acquisition
  • Conducting financial research for company and industries
  • Competitor Study
  • Business Valuation
  • Project Feasibility report (Financial Modeling)
S&P Global | Ernst & Young | Other Advisory and Valuation companies

Investment Banking Associate


  • Evaluate options to buy/partner
  • Analyze competition landscape, prepare good pitch-book presentation
  • Build financial models
  • Conduct qualitative & quantitative research
  • Create strategic rationale, positioning pages, pitch book, investment deck
Bank of America, Merill Lynch | Morgan Stanley | Edelweiss | Wipro BPS

Financial Planning & Analysis – Junior Manager


  • Building financial models to forecast future
  • Assisting CFO to formulate budget and in day-to-day activities
  • Periodic financial planning
  • Variance Analysis
  • Profitability Analysis
Accenture | GENPACT | Hewlett Packard | IDBI Life Insurance |Idea International

Equity Research Associate


  • Conduct end-to-end research covering the sector
  • Writing research reports,  financial modeling (historical /projections)
  • Valuation and DCF models
Cognizant Technologies Solution | Capgemini Consulting

Debt Syndication-Junior Executive


  • Preparation of Financial Model, Information Memorandum, Project Reports
  • Dealing with bank/NBFCs/Fls
  • Legal documentation, due-diligence
Vivro Financial Services | KK Capital services | Blend Financial Services


Our Financial Modelling Course covers 40% of your Syllabus from CFA.

Its a good start for your CFA Journey !!!

Contact us to know more in depth details about our course.

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