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"We fuel candidate's and Business growth by providing authentic training with correct implementation".

Message from Director

Thank you for trusting us. We the TalentMark Academy Team are continuously engaged in providing quality education and training to you. The excellence in teaching comes from the careful choice of faculty members in which TalentMark Academy has not made any compromise. We have introduced the newly designed curriculum which is based on the principle of more hands on experience with strong fundamentals offering more choices to the students. 

Research is not an additional feather in our cap but an integral part of our growth strategy.

Today is the era of cut throat competition, it is necessary to cultivate specialised skills and expertise in your field. Therefore, we have developed courses based on real case studies and with the help of experienced professionals to provide you a vast experience and vision. We at TalentMark Academy are more concerned about the quality rather than the quantity of the students. 

We are continuously engaged in making our Course content more industry specific than yesterday. We do ensure we provide our students with the content which they will be getting in the market. We are very much proud of our content designing. We have a clear specification about the education and the training part, we focus both on education and training, Therefore, join us in our vision of developing quality professionals to lead the accounting industry.


Akshat Jindal


Talentmark academy director photo

Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision lies in our strong will to transform the courses for Tally.ERP9 and Microsoft Excel from just a vocational course to a training program that transforms students from a novice to a highly valued professional.

"The modern professional courses requires a well-rounded skill set that takes time to acquire. Some of the skills are developed in university, some are developed on the job, and some of the skills come from experience and developing a strong business intuition. At TalentMark Academy, we combine all three skill sets - Theory, application and intuition - into a condensed, updated program that can create a edge in students professional career."

Our History

TalentMark Academy earlier known as Genuine Education was started in just 1 room class in Nov, 2015. The founder of TalentMark Academy, Mr. Akshat Jindal observed a gap between what skills are required in Professionals and what is taught in majority of training institutions. Every street and square contained bulk of classes claiming to be "Professionals" but their teacher themselves didn't know what they were teaching. 

Therefore, he felt the need to establish an institution which could train the students to become professionals and provide value to businesses. Therefore, he established TalentMark Academy as an initiative to close the gap between what is taught and what is required. TalentMark Academy firmly believed in what it was established for, therefore, it is constantly engaged in updating, evaluating and upgrading its curriculum to meet industrial demands and produce professionals which TalentMark Academy can be proud of.

What makes TalentMark Academy One of the Best Institute for Professional Courses ?

TalentMark Academy is recognised as a reliable, authentic and professional institution because of its unique, self-tailored course content, professional faculties & institutional collaborations with renowned colleges, universities and corporates.

Our Training Process

We have a unique training process to induce skills required in student to compete in today's competitive environment. We have designed our course as per requirements of corporates.

We encourage students to practise thoroughly on each and every topic to master every concept of Tally, Excel & Digital Marketing. Therefore, we conduct test after the completion of every topic so that teachers can evaluate the performance of the student. This helps in identifying the weak points of the students. There are two counselling sessions in every level to know the concern sand problems of the students.

We have developed exercise modules with the help of professional and teachers. The exercises are based on real case studies so that the student can get the practical idea of methods of accounting in different companies and also they can solve the real problems of corporates. This makes students react to work in different working environments.
There are also internship programs available for students who want to polish their skills along with training. 

Our Strength

Our strength lies in our course content which is made in-house in consultation with professionals already working in industry and faculties trained in Bangalore by Tally Education Pvt. Ltd. Every level is designed in accordance with industry demands and requirements to make YOU valuable in the industry.

Our Strategy

Our strategy is to cultivate skills in students step by step rather than random teaching. Every topic starts by knitting the theoretical framework carefully in the mind of students, then they proceed to practical training. After which they solve exercises and case studies & in the last they give tests for that topic which creates a deep understanding of each and every topic in the mind of students. 

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