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Diploma in Stock market

Stock Market Course is designed for students who are new to the stock market domain. In this course student will learn the basic fundamentals of stock market and will learn various terms used among different segments available. If you want to make your career in Stock Market, then this course can be life changing opportunity.

What will you learn through this course ?

  • Understanding shares and their types and share market mechanism.
  • Difference between Equity, Commodity & Currency Market along with their terminologies.
  • Profit & Loss, Investment required calculations.
  • Understanding the relation between economy and share market.
  • Live trading session to understand how trading and investment works

Stock Market Course Content

Module 1: Generating Idea

Use this paragraph to describe what you do.

Fundamental Analysis

In this we cover Financial Statements like P&L Account and Balance Sheet, relative valuation techniques: P/E Ratio, P/B Ratio, P/S Ratio, EV/EBITDA


In this we will ask students to start trading. We cover basics of tax, brokerage, trading segment, circuit filters and Demat & Trading Account.


Derivative Market Structure, Forwards, Future, Futures Pricing, Cost of Carry, SWAP, options, options pricing, factors affecting option price and market participants.

Global Economy

Economy: India, US, UK, European Union, China, Japan, Germany and France

Economic Variables: GDP, Inflation, Interest Rate, Monetary & Fiscal Policy and UnEmployment.

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